Important Stuff

  1. No Cancellation or Refunds: Orders cannot be cancelled once placed, and refunds are not provided, except in cases of product defects or shipping errors.
  2. Shrinkwrapping Policy: Slime jars are now shrinkwrapped after filling to maintain sanitary practices, but this means customers won't be able to check if activation is needed before shipping, potentially resulting in sticky or melted slimes upon arrival.
  3. Borax and Activator: Borax powder or activator spray are no longer automatically included with slimes. Customers need to add them to their cart separately or opt for the slime fixer bundle.
  4. Shipping Schedule: Slimes are shipped on Fridays only. Orders placed Wednesday through Friday will ship the following Friday, depending on current order volume. Delays may occur, and customers will be compensated if it takes longer than two weeks.
  5. Refund Policy for Incorrect Use: Refunds will not be given if customers incorrectly use borax powder without reading the slime care card.
  6. Changes to Charms and Add-Ins: Charms and add-ins may vary and are subject to change.
  7. Order Confirmation and Signature Requirement: Orders may require confirmation, and those over $100 will need a signature upon delivery due to theft concerns.
  8. Rare Order Cancellation: Orders are rarely cancelled unless exceptional circumstances arise.
  9. Processing Time: Orders typically take 4-10 days to process and ship, but rush orders are accommodated upon request.
  10. Sanitation Disclaimer: While workspaces and equipment are sanitized, slimes are made in a home with pets (cats and dogs).
  11. Shipping Disclaimer: Once shipped, the seller has no control over the delivery process by courier companies.